Guantanamo Bay And Human Rights Essay

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Guantanamo Bay and Human Rights Guantanamo Bay, which is a detention camp located in Cuba, is always a controversy human-right related topic. People always refer Guantanamo as one of the worst prison in the world. Many people believe that the Guantanamo violates human rights; the prisoners in Guantanamo are treated inhumanely comparing to the other prisons located in the United States. Some argue that U.S. should close Guantanamo while the other say it should remain open. The goal of this paper is to investigate how Guantanamo violates human right and why the United States government should close it. It will discuss some solutions to end torturing the detainees in Guantanamo. Furthermore, it will explain the difficulties of closing Guantanamo Bay and the underlying reasons behind it. In this research paper, I will first present a brief history and facts of Guantanamo Bay. Answering the questions about what is Guantanamo and what it is for. Next, I will discuss how Guantanamo has violated human rights and how Guantanamo tortures the detainees with three shocking examples. The next subtopic is several reasons to close Guantanamo Bay majorly due to human rights violation. The fourth subtopic investigates why Guantanamo Bay is still remained open with multiple reasons. Finally, I will end this research paper with discussing the future trends of closing Guantanamo regarding Obama and Trump presidency. HISTORY AND FACT The Guantanamo Bay is a U.S. military base in

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