Guide For Discussion Leaders The Role Of Literature Groups

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Jasmine Quan
Mrs. Velasco
American Lit./Block G
8 December 2015
Guide for Discussion Leader Role in Literature Groups

NOTE: These must be completed at home, before coming to class. Those highlighted in blue are not for HW. We will rotate within groups for this role.

Job Instructions:

For this assignment, you will, first, need to find one passage from the short story you’ve selected that can speak to the focus and concerns of one specific literary theory of your choice (e.g. Marxism). Your job is to fuel discussion, make connections, and analyze.

Then, complete the following for one passage of your choosing.

1. Passage:
a. Reproduce the passage including the page number and paragraph:

o Passage: “‘Not hear it? --yes, I hear it,
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Is she not hurrying to upbraid me for my haste? Have I not heard her footstep on the stair? Do I not distinguish that heavy and horrible beating of her heart? MADMAN!’ here he sprang furiously to his feet, and shrieked out his syllables, as if in the effort he were giving up his soul –‘MADMAN! I TELL YOU THAT SHE NOW STANDS WITHOUT THE DOOR!’” Page 17 Paragraph 4

2. Passage Selection:
a. Read the passage aloud to the group. Explain to why you picked this passage for the specific literary theory. o Think about your thinking. Use your metacognition skills!

o I picked this passage because … o The section depicts terror, bleakness and emotional stress. It does not conform to any social morals or follow typical characters, but instead it conveys psychological imbalance in the characters that heightens the uneasiness and unexpected actions of the characters.

3. Vocabulary word:
a. Choose at least one word from the passage in regards to your chosen specific literary theory. Share this with your group. o This should be a word that is important to the understanding of the text through the specific literary “lens.”

o Word: madman___

b. Write your own definition of the word. o Apply past knowledge to this new situation!

o Your definition: someone who is not mentally stable

c. Then write the dictionary definition.

o Dictionary definition: man who is mentally ill

4. Discussion Director Question:
a. Develop 1 rich question relating to the passage
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