Guidelines For Patient Care And Hospital Safety

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quizzes that touch on the basis of patient care and hospital safety. These mandatory videos help to keep patient care levels high. The corporation also make sure that every medical staff member’s certifications and licenses are up to date. If they are expired the staff member can work until they are up to date. This helps to ensure that patients are receiving the best patient care, since staff members are always relearning the basics through recertification courses. The corporation takes patient satisfaction very seriously. After each stay a survey is sent out and there is a department dedicated to patient satisfaction. If unsatisfactory patient care occurs an investigation does occur, which gives the capability to address any patient care issue and make improvements to correct these issues. The concern for patient care can be seen throughout the organization. There is an alignment between the corporate strategy and its leadership, structure, systems, and culture. This can be seen by leadership by the policies and practices that they exemplify. The management goes above and beyond to ensure that patient care is at the highest level. This can be seen on the hospital units where the nurse manager of each shift goes into every room, introduces themselves, and asks the patient if there are any issues or if they need anything. The structure of the corporation is built around patient care. Everything in the hospital is designed to provide the best patient care.

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