Guinevere Alternate Ending

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“Push, love, PUSH!” Guinevere sat on the birthing bed with her legs bent, leaning forward, gripping her knees as another contraction took hold. She reddened and piercing shriek tore from her throat while King Arthur paled. Watching his wife suffer like this was torture. “Sire, it is not time for the queen to push,” said Mary, the patient old midwife, who had allowed Arthur to remain in the room while Guinevere gave birth, something unheard of. Husbands were sent away during their wives’ deliveries; that was the custom. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He hung his head in apology. “I didn’t know…” “Get out of my sight, Arthur!” growled Guinevere. “And never come near me again, you arrogant… toad!” King Arthur cringed at his wife’s words. “I’m sorry,

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