Guitar Hero Research Paper

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Have you ever played a rhythm based game like Guitar Hero or Rockband? While playing have you found yourself missing notes, losing track of your fingers, losing the rhythm and overall just lacking in guitar skills that ruin your reputation as a “band member”? Well you will soon be able shred the guitar in any song in any rhythm game by following my guide to become a “Guitar Hero”! This guide will revolve around the classic rhythm game of Guitar Hero 3 but these steps can be applied to any other game. Learning to play tasty licks on Guitar Hero may seem like a daunting task but just stick with me and you’ll be impressing your friends and family in no time at all. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the proper equipment to begin your training. I myself have Guitar hero 3 that is played on the Nintendo Wii with a Gibson SG wireless guitar controller. Firstly if you are new to this I recommend playing the game a bit just to assess your skill level. Once you have the necessary equipment and you have assessed your skill level you are ready to begin your …show more content…

The way I situated myself was by standing up and playing the guitar because I couldn’t get comfortable if I played any other way. It was only after playing so much that I began to sit down and play. Rhythm is a key factor in playing the guitar because if you can’t feel the rhythm it’ll make the song a nightmare to play. A good tip is to find a method that helps you see and feel the rhythm. For example, some methods I use are bobbing my head, moving my foot up and down, and swaying left and right to the beat of the music. Adding flare is a good way to impress people and is a great way to keep rhythm. One way of adding flare would be holding the guitar vertically while playing or tossing the guitar behind your head and continue playing, I like to call it the Jimi

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