Gun Control : Is It Right For The Us?

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Gun Control: Is It Right for the US?
Throughout the past few years, disturbing amounts of mass shooting have occurred in the United States. This is paired with the fact that gun ownership in the United States stays significantly higher per capita as compared to any other developed nation. Lastly, statistics from these tragedies evidenced that most of the weapons used are legally obtained, high volume weapons. It remains clear that as a country we cannot stay at the top in gun-ownership, and consequently have mass shootings decrease. We must examine ways that regulating gun ownership can prevent tragedies.
Ever since the second amendment subsist into effect, entitled gun control remains a controversial topic in the United States, especially as mass shooting, homicide rates, and crime rates continue to rise. Statistics clearly reveal that among the fourteen worst shooting massacres that have occurred over the past years, half of them took place in the America. Tragic examples include incidents at the Columbine, Virginia Tech, and an Aurora movie theater. These rising numbers of mass shooting prove that the United States possesses one of the highest rates of gun-related violence among developed countries (Ballaro and Finley, Cook and Ludwig, Dao).
Furthermore, gun violence costs the nation about one hundred billion dollars a year, where eighty percent of that money carry on to treat firearm injuries, which taxpayers pick up the tab for (Cook and Ludwig). Stevenson alluded

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