Gun Related Suicides

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Modern America is dealing with a new pressing issue, gun related homicide and suicide. America is one of world’s leader in this department unfortunately. Action needs to be taken to reduce these outrageous statistics. The reason for these unusually high gun related homicides and suicides is the United States lack of federal regulations on gun laws and the myriad of easily accessible firearms. Each of the fifty different states has their own interpretation of the second amendment, meaning there are fifty different sets of laws on how to obtain a gun. Some states have more relaxed laws, meaning no permit or no background checks. Other states are stricter on gun laws making it much more difficult to own a firearm, by placing cool down periods or requiring background checks. America is one of the leaders the world in rate of gun related deaths and suicides, because of the immense amount of easily accessible firearms and no federal regulated gun laws. America is nowhere close to a perfect society; our country has flaws just as any other country in the world does too. However, since there is no such thing as a perfect society, that does not mean the people who inhabit the country strive to achieve this ideal. Determination for a perfect society in America can be seen as early as Puritan …show more content…

Laws passed such as the Brady Handgun Violence Act and the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 had good intentions on keeping Americans safe in theory but failed to do so in practice. The Brady Act states, “… five day waiting period for all handgun purchases from federally licensed sellers… law enforcement officer must make reasonable effort to check purchaser’s personal history” (Weigleb). Although the Brady Act imposed background checks for all gun purchases from federally licensed dealers, it excluded private or other party type

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