Guns And Suicide Research Paper

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James Eagan Holmes entered a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado carrying an AR-15, Remington 870 shotgun, and a Glock 40. Caliber handgun, with over 200 rounds of ammunition. At a midnight opening of the movie batman, he opened fire killing 12 people and wounding over 70. After being apprehended by police, background checks revealed that he was using Zoloft and Clonazepam for depression and anxiety disorder. These were the same drugs prescribed to Eric Harris of the Columbine Massacre. (James Holmes Biography) 40 percent of American homes have guns in them. 57 percent of Americans have said that there should be more restrictions on guns, or that they should even be banned. (Background on Gun Control) There should be a restriction on firearm …show more content…

Many teenagers and even adults feel worthless and depressed and give up on life. Instead of taking action and getting help to solve their life problems, these people choose to commit suicide. There are about 30,000 suicide deaths per year. This number is outrageously high. One out of every 45 attempts of suicide actually succeeds. Whether suicide attempters succeed or fail, all depends on how easy it is for them to get the resources they want to use for this task, especially firearms. Deborah Azrael, a research associate at Harvard’s Research Center, found that when guns were predominant in a state, suicide rates were higher. The inverse of this statement was also correct, in states where guns were not prevalent, suicide rates were lower. Many lives would be saved, many suicides would be prevented, and many families would be able to avoid heartbreak and despair, if firearms were not accessible in the United …show more content…

Guns have been used for homicide and suicide at a disappointingly high rate over the years. Each life lost is a life that matters. Do we really want to let our children grow up in a world where everyone has extremely simple access to purchase firearms that could harm you? There are always new cases of homicide and suicide making headlines in America but gun control is nonexistent yet to help prevent these cases. As Americans, we shouldn’t have to worry about risking our lives while going into public with our families. If the ability to acquire a firearm was stricter, there would be no worry about any of these horrible things happening to ourselves. America is a free country; we are supposed to be able to live without worry and

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