Gun Rights On College Campuses

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Hannah Keller Nate Barron CO 150 – 087 April 23, 2015 Seconds or Minutes Away There are several debates among people that remain in a repetitive and vicious cycle of what is right, and what is wrong. Concealed carry on college campuses is one of those noticeable arguments. As the years pass by, gun rights on college campuses have become a touchy subject that is normally avoided at dinner tables and formal events. The laws concerning concealed carry on college campuses vary from state to state, and also from campus to campus. Several factors about concealed carry either have people uneasy while others adamantly fight for more gun rights on college campuses and universities. Should concealed carry be allowed on campus, and are people taking into account school violence, learning environment, crime, student’s safety and constitutional rights? School violence is an unfortunate subject that can’t be ignored; when guns are involved, The Virginia Tech shooting back in 2007 seems to come to mind (Perez-pena, Saulny n.p.). With 33 fatalities and several others wounded, people were in an outrage pushing colleges and universities to tighten their control on guns (Perez-pena, Saulny n.p.). These kinds of shootings are always massive headlines in the news, creating a negative connotation surrounding guns and concealed carry (Blackman n.p.). However, one point people seem to overlook in the Virginia Tech shooting is the fact shooter, Seung-Hui Cho who also attended as a student in
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