Gun Violence And Gun Control

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The two articles that I have read were “Connecticut School Shooting ‘An Attack on America’” by Ted Anthony and “The Price of Gun Control by Dan Baum. All around I believe these articles were both very interesting and both took different perspectives on the issues of guns in America. Both Anthony and Baum illustrated the different problems that we have in America and our communities with gun control and gun violence. But, they both brought the text together to relate it on a personal level. I enjoyed reading both texts and connecting to each one on a different level.
When reading Anthony’s article, I believe that he was more convincing than Baum. Anthony broke down the article in a way that connected with people on a personal level that …show more content…

Unlike the first article this article is about guns and violence on a larger scale. But, in Baum’s text he compared us to the country Norway. He explained that “when it comes to guns in America is that when a mass shooting happens, in the united states it’s a gun story: how terrible it is that guns are abundant: how we must ban particular types of guns that are especially dangerous” (Baum 294). But, they are more worried about the person who was using the gun or how he got the gun. They focused more on the person with the gun and their mental state than what possessed them to use the gun. But, as Americans we are focused on the inanimate object of a gun than what drove the person to do this. Baum expresses his feelings in this text by saying it is basically Americans fault by not blaming the person. The fact that we blame the gun deflects the person who used the gun. So, this explains why some shootings happen. Even though these texts mostly have differences, they also have many similarities. Anthony’s and Baum’s text both thoroughly explain shootings, guns and they both explain tragic and terrible events that have happened because of the violence of guns. These two articles are also very informative. Anthony’s text explains the shooting and Baum talks about shooting and Norway. Both articles also explain things on a personal level. We can connect and relate these articles because they are real life and social issues In America today In

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