Gun Violence Essay

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Why is gun violence such a major issue in american and in what way could we help to stop it. It is important to consider that 12,000 people lose their lives in the U.S. each year due to gun homicides. Another thing is there has been 286 mass shootings in 2017 alone. Some more things to be put to thought is the school shootings and better ways to prevent them. Another key thing to remember is gun control and how it can be fixed. Firstly is the statistics on gun violence in America to show what negative impact it has. According to BBC News there 372 mass in American in 2015. To consider it a mass shooting it has to be a single shooting killing or injuring at least 4 people. Of those mass shootings 475 were killed and 1,870 were wounded. …show more content…

Statistics show that guns are rarely used for self-defense. Not even one percent of victims of gun violence protected themselves with a firearm. 1.4 million guns were stolen from US homes between 2005 to 2010. Gun violence roughly cost every American about $600 and the government five and a half a million dollars in lost tax revenue. Several billion dollars from the court cases. And several other things costing America a lot and it is safe to say has a huge effect on our national debt. Now to the side of where gun control is not the answer to gun violence in America.
Gun control does not lower crime but guns do lower crime. When gun ownership increased in the twentieth century murder rate decreased. Taking away guns does not stop crap, if anything it makes matters worse. Think about it, why would a law of no guns stop a criminal. Robbing a bank is illegal, why would it stop them now. They will find the guns no matter what they don’t give up. What taking away guns all do is leave the people who abide by the law with nothing to protect themselves with. We do have police to protect you but they will not make it as near as fast to save you. Over half the people who took a survey by Pew Research said they would not feel safe if the gun laws got stricter. You should have the right to protect yourself by anyway possible, you should have to listen to dumb law on how you cannot protect yourself. If it is a

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