Gun Violence : It Is Well Known Gun

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Gun Violence in America Thomas Leonard February 9, 2017 As it is well known gun violence is a major problem in today’s society, places like Chicago and New York City have a serious epidemic on their hands. It is not uncommon to hear about an incident where a gun was involved in these big cities on a day to day basis, but it’s not just the big cities, these type of things are happening nationwide. There has been an argument for many decades whether the cause of such violence is due to the lack of gun control laws or the restrictions put on firearms. Both sides of the isle will argue, the more liberal individual will tell you there is not enough while the conservative individual will tell you the laws put in place are too strict. We should …show more content…

Another article looks at the Tucson shooting where six individuals were killed as an example (Kaveny, 2016). While the author agrees that the constitution protects the rights of gun owners, she makes the argument that semiautomatic weapons were not what the founding fathers had in mind though and that these type of weapons should not be allowed to be owned by the public (Kaveny, 2016). The author also believes that it would be beneficial to have to obtain a license to own firearms and to purchase insurance for possible damages along with further funding for mental health patients to help keep these mass shootings from happening again (Kaveny, 2016). There are many other proposed solutions that are similar to the ones previously mentioned. Philip J. Cook believes that if guns are less available it may not reduce all gun violence but that it would likely reduce the number of deaths caused by guns (Cook, 1981). He makes the argument that criminals are going to be more apt to choose firearms because with these types of weapons they are more likely to be successful in there crime (Cook, 1981). This is a common argument made in favor of stricter gun control laws in the United States. Even with the laws we have put in place there are those who

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