Gun Laws Are The Cause For Much Of The Violent Crime

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Gun Control
Christal Ruiz
Political Science
Mt. San Jacinto
July 25, 2015

Gun laws are the cause for much of the violent crime in the United States and need to be changed by enforcing and assembling stricter regulations, allowing more concealed carries for protection, and educating Americans about firearms to reduce mass panic. Over the course of our history American has suffered from a substantial number of mass shootings; Columbine in Littleton, CO, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. These mass shootings are just one side of the gun violence in America. There are also drive-bys, accidental shootings, and many other types of gun crimes. And these are all happening in different parts of the country and in different periods of time. They are tragedies that affect not only the people but our nation as a whole.
When we think of gun violence we automatically correlate it to these events, and how we need to enforce and assemble stricter firearm regulations. There is also speculation of what if more people were allowed to carry concealed or carry period. Could people have prevented these attacks from happening or being so sever? Would these events have happened if people were more educated about firearms? These are just a few of the questions that Americans are debating. I believe that Gun laws are the cause for much of the gun violence in

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