Gun Violence Pros And Cons

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There have been a major increase of deaths by guns in the U.S. The numbers have increased since the late 1900s and has kept on accumulating today. Research has shown that there are many guns owned by people in the U.S than any other country in the world ( ("U.S. Gun Violence: The Story in Graphics"). The government has tried to control the gun violence, however there have been debates about that being wrong and it would take away the citizens of America’s rights. Though, there are still gun violence present; the government revoking the privilege of people owning guns, they would starts rebelling against the government and there would be more gun violence. Still, if the government doesn’t do anything about the issue families are going to flee …show more content…

Every year, thousands of people die due to gun accidents. Either they it was with themselves, a loved one, or an innocent bystander. Another aspect of gun violence that many people think that they can own guns and do what they want with it, because they are protected by the second Amendment. Numerous amounts of people commit crimes and think that they can get away with doing harm or murdering someone. Suicides, is a major factor of gun violence. There are many people today committing mass murders and then committing suicides after. Also people who have been bullied, teased, or had really rough childhoods committed suicides the most. Mental illness is one of the main reasons why the government should have really strict gun laws. Most mental ill people are buying guns because there aren't any strict background …show more content…

Though. for years people have been taking full advantage of that right. Due to the fact that it’s stated in the constitution that we have some freedom of owning guns doesn't mean that we can do what we want with them and not get into trouble. Therefore, it makes the constitution not absolute ("Second Amendment Rights Are Not Absolute"). The constitution gives U.S citizens a set of rights. This issue is as similar to the right to speech, because you’re not allowed to say whatever one may want to anyone and not have a consequence in the end. Judges on the seventh circuit court believe that the second amendment does not guarantee an individual's right to own a gun ("Articles: What Does the Second Amendment Mean?"). The second amendment didn’t actually state that every individual have the complete right to own guns. For years citizens have been going around the actual words of the second amendment in the constitution to make it seem that as if the have the absolute right to own guns and are able to not get a consequence if they use it in the wrong way. Though, the Supreme Court stated that the right to bear arms is to be used as self defence within someone's home (West). This means that people are only to use guns as self defence within someone's house and not out in public where they are incapable of doing harm to someone else.

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