Guna Fibres Case Analysis Essay example

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Problem Statement

The problem that the firm Guna Fibres is facing is that they lack sufficient cash flow from operations to meet their day-to-day financial obligations. Guna Fibres has become dependent on a revolving line of credit from the All-India Bank & Trust Company and due to increasing operating expenses and costs of good sold Guna Fibres is no longer able to remain solvent based on their current financial practices.

Situation Analysis

Guna Fibres is a textile manufacturing company located in India that is subject to seasonal swings in demand as well as an increasingly competitive environment. Guna Fibres has historically utilized a line of credit from All-India Bank & Trust to finance the purchases necessary to fulfill
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Addressing Guna Fibres current situation is of great importance as they currently have a cash flow problem that will find them shuttered and unable to fund day-to-day operations. In each of the aforementioned areas there is room for improvement by changing some of the company’s policies and procedures.

Major Strategic Alternatives

Utilizing the monthly forecast financial statement provided by Guna Fibres, Exhibit 1, it is necessary to create a statement of cash flows to begin to assess how the company’s capital is being managed through the working capital accounts of the firm. Exhibit 2 shows the breakdown of cash flows on a monthly basis based on the forecasted information provided by Guna Fibres. There are several important insights to point to instability within Guna Fibres. The first trend that is concerning is that according to Guna Fibres forecast, they will require a positive cash flow from financing activities through the month of June 2012 just maintain operations. Certainly, if this was to be presented to the bank there would be no chance that they would be willing to extend credit as Guna Fibres will not be able to zero out the debt balance in the coming months. Examination of Exhibit 3 shows the statement of cash flows for Guna Fibres for year ending in December 2012. Note the highlighted the cell that indicates the change in short term notes payable for the year in the amount of
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