Hacking Team : A Virtual Control System ( Rcs ) Software

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Picture a dark room, where the only source of light is coming from a computer monitor. The clacking sounds of a keyboard echo throughout the room as words flash across the screen. Without much more description, one could easily assume that the person at the computer is a hacker, trying to gain access to sensitive information, as is the image presented to people by the media. Although not all hackers may operate in such an environment, what they do is still relevant in this age of information. Hackers can, and some will, access people 's private information, and some are even willing to monetize from their ability to do so by selling products to government agencies. One such group of hackers is known as Hacking Team. As their name suggests, Hacking Team is a company that specializes in hacking into other people 's computer devices and obtaining information. According to an article from The Guardian, Hacking Team provides "Remote Control System (RCS) software" that can "hack into targets’ computers and mobile devices, install backdoors, and monitor them with ease." Such surveillance tools raise ethical concerns, such as the invasion of privacy of the people being surveilled. These concerns should not be taken lightly, as these issues are directly related to the violation of basic human rights. Such issues have been raised, and according to the lecture, "information technology has already been used to abuse people," which is what Hacking Team 's software is designed to do.

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