Hadrian s Wall

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Hadrian’s Wall

Although Rome has built numerous important defensive walls, Hadrian’s Wall was the most famous defensive barrier in the Roman Empire, and essential in protection of the northwestern section of the empire. It was a, “frontier developed to a higher level of defensive efficiency than any other in the history of Rome” (Divine, pp. 5). However, the Wall of Hadrian wasn’t only the most important wall in the Roman Empire. Because of the wall 's important role in early Roman history, its distinctly Roman construction, and its forts and milestone castles, Hadrian 's Wall was the definitive Roman structure in Great Britain.

The Emperor of Rome at the time was Hadrian, who lived from AD 76-138. Hadrian was the first
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Instead, they used a considerably simpler method.
The main technique the Romans used in constructing Hadrian’s Wall was opus incertum. Opus incertum used irregularly shaped uncut stones and places them randomly in their special cement, opus caementicium. The Roman concrete was exceptionally strong and durable, and can be seen in many Roman architectural structures throughout their empire.
“Roman concrete (opus caementicium), like modern concrete, is an artificial building material composed of an aggregate, a binding agent, and water. Aggregate is essentially a filler, such as gravel, chunks of stone and rubble, broken bricks, etc. Binding agent is a substance which is mixed with the aggregate wet (water added) and solidifies when it dries, or "sets." Many materials, even mud, can be a binding agent, and used to make, what we generally call, mortar. Historically lime or gypsum, mixed with rubble stones, have been used as binding agents in making a strong mortar” (Roman Concrete).
Nevertheless, this was a standard concrete technique in history, the Romans decided to strengthen their concrete mixture with another substance.
In order to create their special concrete, the Romans introduced into the principal concrete mixture a fundamental component; pozzolona, a special volcanic dust found in central Italy. “Pozzolona created an exceptionally strong bond with the aggregate. In most parts of the Roman world,
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