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Kevin Slaton
Dr. Custis
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April 19th, 2017

New Age Technology

Haiti is a small country on the island of Hispaniola, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is very prone to hurricanes, cyclones and other natural disasters. Haiti is very prone to having natural disaster breakouts, and using advanced technology could aid in Haiti’s disaster relief efforts by providing long-term information about potential natural disasters, improve communication capabilities and online tools to help aid Haiti during times of natural disaster. All through its history, Haiti has endured tornados, typhoons, heavy rains, floods and earthquakes. The storm season in Haiti keeps going from June to the finish of November. Thousands of people …show more content…

According to, it is reported that the earthquake caused between 220-316,000 deaths, 1.5 million displaced. Rescue teams and aid agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross improve its ability to track down humans trapped in buildings or in areas that are not visible to rescuers. The NASA Finder is suitcase-size device that is capable detecting human heartbeats under 20 under 20 feet of solid concrete 30 feet of rubble. One of the main ways the Finder could aid Haiti when natural disasters like earthquakes happen, is locating humans that are in collapsed buildings, mud and other debris. When humans are trapped under objects, they lose their capability to try and ask for assistance. The faster aid agencies are able to find victims, the faster aid agencies can give them the proper medical attention and get them to safety. The FINDER works by sending out low powered signals equal to about one-thousandth of a cell phones output and examines the change in reflection of signals that come back the tiny motions of heartbeats and breathing. Rescue workers would use a laptop running the FINDER’s software, which allows rescuers to specify minimum and maximum range for detecting heartbeats in their …show more content…

Innovation is the best defense for being prepared for unavoidable disasters. Intellistreets, which has the design of a streetlight, provides a wide variety of assistance to Haiti during natural disasters. It is wireless technology that provides emergency alerting and public safety alerting. Intellistreet is composed of a dual radio mesh wireless system that microprocessors inside which allows for information gathering. For example, the streetlight structure has the capability of analyzing what the streetlight smells, hearing, seeing and smelling. When accessed on the web, emergency agencies are notified when environmental factors prompt the system. During hurricanes and cyclones, it is important the mass are notified in a timely manner, aid agencies are able to make victims aware ahead of time. Government officials will be able to issue emergency alerts as well as information in regards in to evacuation routes. The system will also give agencies the audio messages. During natural disaster it imperative residents get the help, Intellistreets will allow victims of natural disasters to press a button and talk to authorities and aid agencies. If aid agencies cannot communicate with victims, they cannot help them. During Haiti’s hurricane season Intellistreets could be installed in various that are more prone to be destructed to keep a line of communication with the

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