Haiti's Poverty : Haiti Is A Natural Disaster, A Human Disaster

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Haiti’s poverty When people start to talk about Haiti, the first word come out in my mind is “poverty”, and second is “tragedies”. Unlike other countries, Haiti’s problems are continuous for decades. According to Haiti’s Disasters, Noriega claims that Haiti is not only suffering from natural disasters, but also a human disaster. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, more and more countries start to put their attention on Haiti and providing humanitarian help. However, Haiti’s poverty is not an accident or simply caused by a natural disaster, but a necessary consequence of both external and internal issues, which involves historical, economic, political, environmental issues and influence from other countries. First of all, Haiti’s poverty is historical. Anup Shah introduces Haiti in her article “Haiti” as: “Before the ‘discovery’ of Hispaniola (the island that is now Haiti and the Dominican Republic) by Christopher Columbus, there was a thriving civilization of native Americans, known as the Arawak-speaking Taino Indians. The arrival of Columbus and European colonialism brought disease, slavery, misery and death. They were soon wiped out from the island and black slave labor from Africa was needed to replace them. What was thought of as a rich and profitable Western colony, Haiti today is the poorest country in the western hemisphere” (Shah, A, 2010). Haiti’s problems are long-term, which

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