Hajime Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Inside the hangar different kinds of Japanese fighters are repairing. Hajime leads Jessica to a plane which covered by cloth, he says: ‘Here it is, although it's small, it's the top speed fighter in space. Let's get in the transport and talk.’ The sappers tow the “Mouse” with the cloth out to the transporter by tractor and enter the transporter plane cargo bay. Hajime and Jessica enter there and the transporter plane takes off. Hajime drags off the cover and says: ‘We have modified it.’ The small spaceship is matt black, and the wings folded up like a bat, its gears are sleighs guided by the rails to the ramping door. Hajime continues: ‘You go in the cockpit first.’ Jessica gets in the cockpit which like sitting in a formula one racer. Both sides fit to the pilot's body, so during critical turns in the combat the cockpit…show more content…
Here the landing gears are sleighs, on Earth you land on the sea by these surfing boards the parachute button here is to reduce the speed, thus the spaceship had saved more room. And remember, our spaceship is stealth, in fact it is dangerous to you, because after we had war with the aliens there are many fragments floating in the space, the Moon space force is collecting the useful material back to their base with spaceships, and you're stealth, in such a great speed they may hit on your craft at anytime. Though your maximum speed is 50,000 miles per hours I don't recommend you to use the full speed, moreover the engine will be very hot and the fuel will be empty fast, do it maximum 45,000, around 19.2 hours per trip 38.4 back and forth, as Chris document Moon engineers only have twenty hours to do the modification for the fighter ships; our NS fighters have to install these functions in
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