Halloween Event Research Paper

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Other people’s decisions and thoughts used to have an immense part of my choices and decisions for myself. Dr. Seuss tells us that we should not try to fit in because we were born to stand out. However, I only figured out that this was true as I was sick laying in bed. Never, will I do anything exactly like anybody again. Screamland Farms Halloween event was all us 5th graders could talk about. The uproar that came after it was announced was so bad I could almost feel my ears start to bleed. About 2 months even before Halloween started, my friends kept chattering about the coolest Halloween place in town. Back then, as 5th graders our definition of “cool” was what our parents will not and will allow us to do. Thing was, I had already known Screamland Farms because some friends had been there before. They had shown me pictures that were so scary they temporarily inscribed into my head. However, I did not want to be that one person who missed out fun things. After much needed convincing and coaxing from my friends I decided to go to this Halloween event. My parents did not mind as long as we went with at least one …show more content…

I headed to the front of the farm trying to swerve around the monsters I had gotten used to. I thought about asking other families help. Instead I turned on my Blackberry which I had recently gotten for my birthday, and called my mom. They did not question where everyone else was, because they knew as soon as I stepped into the middle seat of the van I was not okay. The only thing they asked about was my experience, which I responded to with fake answers. We headed towards Buffalo Wild Wings ate some dinner, because it was around 7 to 8 p.m . I confessed to them the truth into what happened at the park, although not the whole truth. My parents were talking and the radio was on, yet they all felt very distant. My head was hurting and I was tired, and before I knew it I was knocked

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