Hamlet Allegory on War

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Hamlet: An Allegory of War in Our Time Deceit is the key device used in politics and everyday life to acquire power, status, success, and in many instances, revenge. Deceit and revenge are often repeated in Shakespeare’s Hamlet through many of Hamlet’s actions and of those of the play. Hamlet’s hesitation in killing Claudius, and Hamlet’s eventual death are a direct result of deceit in the court, and the futility of war be it domestic, as in Hamlet, or with in the world, as with the wars being waged both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hamlet tries to deceive everyone into thinking that he is crazy. He believes that with this "manic disposition" he can seek his revenge on Claudius without any consequences, and avenge his father’s death. This …show more content…

Claudius figures out what Hamlet is up to and wants him sent away to England. From this point, Claudius is very suspicious of Hamlet; he suspects that Hamlet is plotting against him, he says, "Madness in great ones must not unwatched go."(III; i; 185). This leads to the point of today’s on-going battle in Iraq.
When the September 11 attacks happened, it gave Bush “the in” to play on the

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