Hamlet And Polonius In Hamlet

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27) Hamlet, knowing that Apollonius lacks wit, convinces him that he is mad through wordplay combined with his own sad cynicism. Along with convincing Polonius that he isn't of sound mind, he speaks endlessly of his daughter and urges Polonius to keep Ophelia within his grasp. The exchange convinces Polonius that Hamlet is lovesick when, in actuality, Hamlet's responses have done little but ridicule Polonius.

28) Hamlet greets Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with warmth and sound mind, asking them their reasons for coming to Denmark (or, as Hamlet refers to it, his prison). His friend’s attempt to resist his attempts of figuring out the reasons for his visit, but the prince pushes them to, after many witty remarks, admit that the King and Queen sent them to observe him and explain his odd behavior. Desperate to both conceal his plot against Claudius and his own mental state, Hamlet utilizes diversion after diversion to distract his friends; Hamlet avoids this confrontation by showing incredible intrigue with the band of actors that have arrived and further tormenting Polonius.

29) Hamlet’s depression is worsening and he is beginning to lose his sanity; however, he is still cunning enough to use every possibility he can to divert attention from his own lunacy. Despite the worsening of Hamlet’s situation, he is certainly not as far gone as Polonius claims, nor is his mind so distraught for the reasons Polonius assumes.

30) Hamlet’s allusion to Aeneas’s tale to Dido relates to
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