Hamlet Character Analysis

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To begin, Hamlet is a play written by William Shakespeare in the early seventeenth century, it is set in the country of Denmark where a prince named Hamlet lives. Hamlets story begins at a time in his life where he faces hardships and depression from having to leave his school in Wittenberg to attend his father's funeral. Hamlet, whom is devastated by his father’s death is the shocked to find out that his mother, Gertrude, and his uncle, Claudius, are to be wed. His uncle Claudius is crowned as Denmark’s new king shortly after the marriage. As Hamlet learns of this news, the ghost of his father appears in the castle with two watchmen and a scholar named Horatio being the only ones who have seen him. They run to go tell Hamlet of their …show more content…

Hamlet inserts a scene into the play that is a recreation of his father’s death, to observe the reaction of the King. With the help of his friend Horatio, they both watch for a look of uneasiness, or guilt, while the King watches the reenactment of his murder. The King stands and demands for play to stop and storms out of the room. Convinced the Ghost was telling the truth, Hamlet decides that he will kill him but that must wait because his mother calls to speak to him. On his way to speak to his mother, he passes by a room and spots Claudius in a vulnerable state, but he could not kill him because he is in a praying position and if he was to kill him he would go to heaven and that is not what Hamlet wants. During his discussion with his mother, he frightens his mother to the point of where she believes he will murder her, so she screams for help and Polonius, who was hiding in her room, attempts to save her, however, Hamlet stabs him with his sword and kills him. After the incident, the King sends Hamlet away to England, with an order of his death, luckily, Hamlets ship was attacked by pirates making him able to escape back to Demark.
Back in Denmark the Ophelia has gone mad because of her fathers’ death and commits suicide. Hamlet learns of her death by stumbling upon her funeral on his way back to the castle, he is extremely upset that she is dead, and jumps into her grave to touch her one last

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