Hamlet Prequel To Hamlet Analysis

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I thoroughly enjoyed Shakespeare’s Hamlet when our class first read the book in Mr. Allegretti’s class.The interactions and the emotions of the characters were very interesting to me. That’s why when Mr. Simonds recommended Gertrude And Claudius to the class, I became interested in the book when he said it was an unofficial prequel to Hamlet made by a different author. Gertrude And Claudius serves as a prequel to Hamlet and is centered around Princess Gertrude’s point of view. This prequel works on fleshing out characters that weren’t previously explored in the original Hamlet, which allows for the creation of different opinions regarding the characters. This story is split up into three parts, with each part having different spellings of …show more content…

With Gertrude And Claudius acting as a prequel (albeit non-canon) it makes sense as to why Hamlet isn’t close to his mother. Part Two elaborates on King Hamlet’s character as he voices his suspicions about Hamlet, Claudius, and the royal advisor Polonius, and later describes the relationship between Polonius’ daughter Ophelia and Gertrude, reveals Gertrude’s adulterous relationship with Claudius, and ends with the death of King Hamlet. It was definitely a surprising twist to see that Gertrude and Claudius got together before King Hamlet’s death and even more so that King Hamlet knew about the affair before his death. It’s nice to have a little more insight into King Hamlet’s character and to learn his thoughts on Hamlet, Claudius, and Polonius not shown in Hamlet. King Hamlet shows the same worries about Hamlet as his brother does in Act 3, wondering why his son chooses to stay away from Elsinore rather than return home. King Hamlet believes that Ophelia is rather deft and not suited for his son and disagrees with most of Gertrude’s sentiments. Had King Hamlet been alive in Hamlet he most likely would have disapproved of Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia tried to keep his son away from her, perhaps damaging his relationship with his son in the process if Hamlet’s

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