Hamlet Reflection

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I have just read Hamlet and it was a great book. This was a cool experience that I would like to share with you. At the beginning, Hamlet finds out the truth of his father’s death that Claudius, the new king, and his uncle, seduced his mom and poured poison into his dad’s ear. After this, Hamlet starts to act weird and doesn’t seem to care about the world anymore except that he has to take revenge on his uncle. Hamlet’s remake of the play was performed to see his uncle’s reaction if he actually murdered his dad and it succeeded because, during the part where it shows the murderer pouring poison, he got angry, stopped the play and left. In the middle, after Hamlet kills an advisor that was spying on Hamlet, Claudius, knowing the danger he is in, sends Hamlet to England where he is arranged to be killed. Laertes, the son of the advisor, finds out about this and wants revenge on Hamlet and he gets even madder when his sister drowns herself after losing her insanity because of her father’s death. Hamlet is captured by a pirate ship and is going to be returned to Denmark ruining the plan Claudius arranged so, then he makes a new plan with Laertes to invite Hamlet to a fencing match and use a poisoned sword or a poisoned cup if the sword doesn’t work. In the end, the fencing match began and Hamlet was winning so his mom took a drink out of the poison cup and collapsed, then Laertes cuts Hamlet with the poison sword and they manage to switch swords in the confusion and Hamlet stabs

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