Hamlet Time Period Essay

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Hamlet Time Period Differences William Shakespeare is considered one of the most influential and well known writers of the English Renaissance, but how would his influential work in Hamlet be understood if it was written in a different time period? In Hamlet the time period that Shakespeare wrote in gave a vast insight to the demeanor of the people at that time. No matter when this was written, it is known that norms, societies, and fads will change. If this literary work were to be written in a different time period, then the understanding and perception of the past would remain a mystery. The modern times of this era allow for an open interpretation of most anything, but one thing that remains adequately constant is the understanding of history. When Shakespeare produced and published his play Hamlet, he gave an insight to the historical characteristics of the time period with the language he used and the description of the characters. For example, Ophelia plays a large role in the play by being the love interest of Hamlet and the daughter of the man he killed. Shakespeare depicts her as an obedient family minded young girl which directly correlates to the mindframe of women during this time period. Women were meant to provide children and deal with all inner home related situations. Ophelia exposes herself as the obedient daughter when she tells her father “’Tis in my memory locked, And you yourself shall keep the key of it” (Act 1 Scene 3). Comparatively, if the

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