Han And Roman Perspective Of Technology

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Han and Roman Perspective of Technology The Han and Roman people were two different societies during the classical period. The documents highlighted Han and Roman attitudes towards technology. The Han documents displayed excerpts from it’s people that explain how the Han people relied on technology daily and respected the inventors of the technology. The Roman documents portrayed the Romans weak reliance on technology, however they do emphasize a beauty to the aesthetic side of technology. Han China’s attitude towards industrial as well as labor driven technology was much more open and appreciative than Rome’s attitude. Rome’s attitude was influenced by their more social class-driven society, which causes more negative attitudes towards labor driven technology. Han people had a positive and supportive attitude about technology. To start, a Han government official (Document 1) states “I request that you establish water conservation offices in each district and staff them with people who are experienced in the ways of water.” In this quote, he shows that technology is an essential part of the empire. This government official has a leadership role and uses technology as an essential resource to ensure the safety of the empire. In document 2, another Han government official, Huan Guan, implies that technology is essential. The official states that technology is essential to peasant production. He also doesn’t support the government 's actions in forcing peasants to use iron,

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