Handsome Jack From The Borderlands Franchise

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There are many kinds of villains in stories with many different motivations. Handsome Jack from the Borderlands franchise is one example of a villain done right. Not only does he contrast well against the heros in the story, but he appeals well to the audience. The audience also sees how changes from being considered a hero by many to being undoubtedly a villain.

When we initially meet Handsome Jack he is the CEO of the Hyperion corporation and claims to be trying to civilize the crazy bandit-filled lawless planet called Pandora. In the first installment of the Borderlands franchise Handsome Jack did not directly make an appearance but was responsible for the events that took place. Four adventurers or, "Vault Hunters"; Roland, Brick, Mordecai, and Lilith, were searching for an ancient alien vault which they believed contained vast treasures. Jack made his daughter, Angel, pose as an AI to help them on their way and make sure that they opened The Vault so that Jack may weaponize what it released when it was opened. Jack was successful and the vault was opened. The second installment of the borderlands franchise begins with Handsome Jack trying, but intentionally failing, to murder to the main characters to again manipulate them with the help of Angel to take down the Pandoran resistance, formed by the Vault Hunters that he tricked, that is standing in his way and to open the Vault of The Warrior, which would allow him to control an intelligent super weapon called "The

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