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  • Analysis Of Borderlands By Gloria Anzaldua

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    witnesses and bridges social networks that stretch across border. These two functions seem to contradict each other but in fact they exactly reflect the complex nature of borders, or, more realistically, borderlands, a term coined to uproot in people the misleading image of a line. In her book Borderlands, the author Gloria Anzaldua, as a descendent of Indians and Mexicans living close to the America-Mexico border in Southern Texas, defies such dualistic and simplistic thinking about the border/double-sided

  • Handsome Jack From The Borderlands Franchise

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    Jack from the Borderlands franchise is one example of a villain done right. Not only does he contrast well against the heros in the story, but he appeals well to the audience. The audience also sees how changes from being considered a hero by many to being undoubtedly a villain. When we initially meet Handsome Jack he is the CEO of the Hyperion corporation and claims to be trying to civilize the crazy bandit-filled lawless planet called Pandora. In the first installment of the Borderlands franchise

  • The Relationship Between Humans And The Machines In Alex Garland's Ex Machina

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    modern human experience is constructed, there is almost nothing to separate us form the machines we create. The film also represents the borderlands in which cyborgs live in. The borderlands are the productive spaces that are intended for research and the building of knowledge. In Ex Machina, Nathan’s compound is the borderland. To be more specific, the borderland is the room that he confines his robot experiments to. As Caleb was watching the security footage of Nathan’s past experiments, he comes

  • Mexico Borderlands

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    historiography will cover published works that deal with the topic, the history of medicine in the United States-Mexico borderlands. There are three sections that will analyze the history of medicine in the borderlands in different capacities. The three sections are Transnational Medical Borderlands Histories, Public Health and The Indigenous Agent, and ‘Traditional’ Medicine in the Borderlands. These three sections all use distinct and unique sources that may seem untraditional for historians, but help

  • Ethnic Borderland

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    A Biography of No Place: From Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland by Kate Brown, reveals Stalinism and Nazi history from the perspective of those subjected by the ethnic purification and imposition of nationalism in the borderland region in the Ukraine, known as the Marchlevsk or Kresy. There is a sense of conflict in the interwar years. Brown notes that throughout the interwar period

  • Borderlands: The Chicano Movement

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    The reorganization of borderlands does not only evoke geographical change, but also the emergence of minority groups. Segregation, discrimination, and physical violence are usually suffered by such groups. However, the imposition of a different legal system, language policy, religion, education and economic system and racial hierarchy seems to be the most difficult concern for minority groups’ members. The social movement held by Mexican-Americans in the US Southwest and Midwest between the 1950s

  • Short Story : ' The Borderlands '

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    identify as another, but feels as if neither truly symbolizes what they are. People that feel like an outsider where ever they go, it is those described who fall into what Gloria Anzaldúa describes as the Borderlands. Specifically, Anzaldúa speaks of her own personal experience living in the borderlands concerning her where she feels at home and her prevailing sexuality. Growing up in a land that prevents her from thriving, holds her down to the

  • Sierra Club Borderlands

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    inhabitants. The Sierra Club Borderlands Campaign has more things going against them then for them. Their greatest weakens, most officials are for building the wall and given that a partial wall has already been built, it will take that much more man power to keep the rest of the wall from being constructed. Their strength? Fighting for a worthy cause and migration of illegal immigrants have decreased over a fifteen year study. When it comes to the Sierra Club Borderlands Campaign leadership styles

  • Borderlands And Identity Essay

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    Kinjal Patel Professor Gearhart American Literature February 12, 2017 Reflection paper 2 The materials that impacted me the most were race and borderlands and identity. Like I had mentioned in my discussion blog, being different from others had a tremendous affect on me as a child. Being a different race wasn’t much of a deal when we were kids, but as we started to grow up and gaining knowledge, everything changed. My classmate started to realize that I’m different from them and started to treat

  • The Borderland Identity : Identity And Identity

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    the identity that she exists in, the “borderland” identity. The “borderland” identity is a concept that Gloria Anzaldua discusses in her book. Gloria Anzaldua discusses in her book, the concept of the “borderland” identity; the identity that exists for people are a part of both Mexican and American heritage who are too much of either to belong to any one specific group. In “Bien Pretty,” Cisneros shows the struggle of identifying and connecting to the “borderland” identity through the character, Lupe