Hanna's Ethical Dilemma

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Molly, newly married, set off to start life in Oklahoma as the wife of a seismologist. Oklahoma was on the other side of the world as far as Millie was concerned. None of them had ever ventured any farther than Wisconsin.
Pete was beginning his first semester as a college freshman. Hanna finally finished her college program, now fully qualified as a medical transcriber. She began the process of looking for her first job (well second if you count the two months working for Mr. Smith) in her adult life.
Job-hunting was difficult for someone who hadn’t worked outside the home in 20 years. Hanna was desperate. She went through the phone book calling different places of business to see if it they were hiring. She scoured the job section in the newspaper …show more content…

Leaving the house to fill out more applications or to go to a job interview meant more missed calls. There was no way to know if anyone called because there was no such thing as caller ID or voicemail. Rejection calls came regularly because she lacked experience, but the underlying truth in some cases, due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, was because she had cancer, and employers were afraid to hire her.
Money was scarce. Phone, electric and water bills were past due. Bill collectors called every day to harass Hanna about the payments. Threats to shut off the water and gas were a daily occurrence. The monthly mortgage payments were long overdue and once again, they were on the verge of losing their home. Unbeknownst to the children, their family was in crisis and they did not fully understand all of the dynamics going on underneath their roof.
Mixed emotions surfaced from each person in the family on the night when people from the church dropped off several boxes of food. Expressions of appreciation and gratefulness to the refusal to accept charity echoed across the

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