Happiness Essay

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Happiness is something that is wanted by almost everyone;people that are rich, and plebeians and some like to assert that they are happy. Everyone has a different way of experiencing happiness or getting happiness. While they try to get happiness even if it will be an ample amount of happiness, they try to avoid being aghast. Some people like clothing or electronics while some like relaxing at vacations where they can be around facetious people and enjoy themselves. Each individual person experiences happiness a different way because some people like to dream about things that are not plausible and some people like to think about reality. Many people think that it money is an essential part to their happiness. They feel that with money,…show more content…
In the article YOU CAN BUY HAPPINESS, IF IT'S AN EXPERIENCE it states,” And as people age, they tend to find more joy in ordinary, everyday experiences like walking or gardening, compared to that trip to Fiji, another recent study found.” People experience joy from experience. For example, you might enjoy a view when you are on vacation. If you take a picture of that, you can always come back to look at the picture. This way, people might be able to experience this all over again and can be a sequel for them since their experiencing something similar. This can bring them happiness again and their experience won’t be pulverized by forgetness.
Finally, experiences are don’t cost money. A person might experience something like seeing their best friend in a long time. This can bring them the same amount of happiness as a new car they bought might bring them. Even though they both give the same amount of happiness, one cost thousands of dollars and one is free. In the article STUDY: ‘HIGH INCOMES DON’T BRING YOU HAPPINESS’ it states,” the quality of a person’s everyday experience such as joy, fascination, anxiety, sadness, anger, and affection” and life evaluation “a person’s thoughts about his or her life (on a longer time scale.” Here, the quote emphasizes that things in everyday life can bring a different amount of happiness or some other feeling. Everything can be worth an amount of happiness
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