Happiness Industry By William Davies Essay

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Happiness Industry by William Davies explores the history of capitalism, economics and psychology and the impact of the politics on the well-being due to low-level mental health. Over the past years, there has been an increase emphasis on what happiness really is. Is happiness a subjective or objective feeling? According to Davies (2015), “Happiness itself may not be an objective, physical phenomenon but it occurs as a result of various sources of pleasure, which have a firm, physiological basis”. (p, 18) Happiness is becoming more and more powerful in how we transform the workplace and government. With such results, what role does happiness exactly contribute? Employees are shifting the justification of their actions from the influence of tradition and religion into the world of rationality and science. The solutions to those actions are based on traditions that will seek to not only solve the problem but also build on a continuation of those traditional forms. The employee is no longer influenced in its decision making process by feeling or emotions but now by the use of their skills to make society/ the human condition better. These results presents that capitalism has now moved to the purpose of maximizing profits. Davies mentions that the end of capitalism has often been imagined as a crisis of epic proportions that not even government finances can save the system and that the US economy loses as much as $559 billion a year. (p. 106) According to Davies, “it was with
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