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A Happy Life That I Once Thought Was Impossible
I believe that an ideal life is mostly based on happiness. It took me a while to discover what truely makes me happy because in my childhood, I perceived happiness as something unreachable by mankind. Especially, because of my struggle. We live in a world of so much problems and crisis. And. . . I come from a place that’s full of it — Africa. If we think of it, real happiness doesn’t come to us in an easy way. I agree with Tzu’s definition of happiness in his book: a desire or a fortune that remains eternity. According to Tzu, happiness is a fortune just as wealth and fame. Just to be honest, I had once thought that an everlasting happiness I unattainable. But, that was before I discovered that self-satisfaction and contentment results in a happier life. I achieved my happiness after I went through some situations and circumstances that hit my life for good. Before I share my story, I’d like to make a salient point that God is the bedrock of the overflowing fountain of happiness that prevails in my life. Through prayer and hard work I achieved an indescribable life of so many blessings and it all happened in the year 2014.
Just like I said, the year 2014 was a blessed year of my life. God gave me an opportunity to live a life full of so much fulfilment and happiness. During that year, I was able to overcome a lot of circumstances. For a long time I had hoped for things to get better after I lost my dad. Things began to get

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