Hard Power on Iran

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Paper 1 This paper will show that the US and its allies should take a more Hard Power approach when it comes to nuclear program of Iran. The paper will show how Iran cannot be trusted, due to its history of braking its word, and how the deals that we have made so far shows that the world is giving them the ability to create nuclear weapons. Also I will show how the resent agreements mad heave not done enough to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. The first thing we have to look at is how trustworthy has Iran been in the past. If Iran cannot be trusted then a Soft Power approach will not work. "The U.N. had already found the country in violation of its international agreements in 2003"(Obama's Iran Gamble) Iran was caught red-handed violating its U.N. treaty obligations when it built a secret uranium-enrichment facility in the mountains near the town of Fordow.(Obama's Iran Gamble) This shows that Iran cannot be trusted to follow any diplomatic agreements. "No matter what interoperations are given, Iran's right to enrichment has been recognized," (FoxNews) said the Iranian president Rouhani after the resent nuclear deal was reached. This is perhaps one of the biggest arguments against the new deal, or any other deal that allows Iran to continue to run the nineteen thousand centrifuges that Iran currently operates. (FoxNews) This states that by allowing Iran to continue to manufacture nuclear material we are recognizing its right to make nuclear material. This is a

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