' Hard Rock As A Prison Hero?

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Hard Rock, an obvious alias, was a prison hero. The stories of his resistance to prison authorities have reached legendary status some of his acts might very well be mythologized and exaggerated. At the start of the story his hero status remains intact even if Hard Rock himself is no longer fully there mentally. His fellow inmates are deeply disappointed when they see that all the fight in Hard Rock has been taken out as result of his lobotomy. Hard Rock has been permanently damaged while he is alive is no longer completely there after the lobotomy. Such permanent punishment, like the death penalty, is no longer tolerated today.
Hard Rock the Hero?
Hard Rock was the most famous inmate in a prison for the criminally insane. No doubt his fellow inmates were also sick in the mind like he was. His mental health issues manifested his resistance to authority and his violent temper. No mention is made as to what he did to land in his predicament but it is likely that is it due to his ill temper as well. Based on context clues he is a lifelong inmate and thanks to his lobotomy he may well be useless to society besides being used to scare other inmates.
Hard Rock’s image to his fellow inmates is one of power and prowess. Lumpkin (1955) describes a destroyer and doer of things. It is almost as if he is a god to the inmates. Hence his fall from grace is truly depressing for them. Hunter (1973) points out that the other inmates used to look up to Hard Rock. There are many

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