Hardships In Romeo And Juliet

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Deep in the mind of famous play writer William Shakespeare lies, the brilliant story of Romeo and Juliet, the story that not only captivates and thrills reader's minds but offers insight on how a flawed relationship can end in a tragedy. Unfortunately, due to sin all relationships, including that of Romeo and Juliet's have their ups and downs. Today the most commonly known flawed relationship is the relationship between a teenager and parent. Perhaps this is because of opposing ideas or lack of communication, but nevertheless the true weakness will always fall back to sin. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet offers exceptional examples of relational hardships which include rebellion, communication, and parental love, issues all modern teen and parent's relationship face. Without Shakespeare's excessive examples of hardship, the story of Romeo and Juliet wouldn't be anywhere close to half as successful as it is today. An example of this hardship is the adversity Romeo faced with his first love Rosaline. The fair Rosaline wanted nothing to do with Romeo sending him into a state of depression. Romeo's parents did all they could to comfort him pleading, "Could we but learn from whence his sorrow grow, we would as willingly give cure as know" (Romeo and Juliet 1.1.157-158). Romeo's parent did all they could to help bear their son's burden like the verse from Galatians says, "Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ" (The New King James Bible, Galatians

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