Harlem Mascotch By Maya Angelou: A Literary Analysis

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Literary works by people of African descent have always approached their subjects from a unique perspective. When identifying themselves, many African American authors often found it “difficult to put much distance between their personal experiences” and the experiences of their cultural group, due to stereotyping that ultimately molded the African culture into ethnic cliques (Napierkowshi and Ruby, 93). Additionally, Slavery “severed the line of tradition and custom”, thus causing slaves to lose pieces of their cultural identity once the had departed from “their country of origin” (Napierkowshi and Ruby, 93). Although recently scholars have feverishly began to seriously study African American culture. As a result of this sudden knowledge, African American artists have been “forced to identify themselves as belonging to a culture strongly associated with the here-and-now...and abstract patterns” (Napierkowshi and Ruby, 93). . After the end of World War I in 1919, numerous African Americans migrated into industrial cities. During this migration, African Americans experienced high levels of poverty due to racial house practicing and low employment. However, New York City’s Harlem soon became famous and stood to symbolize the artistic…show more content…
Illustrated as an “economically deprived women of color who succeeded in spite of oppression, Angelou represents the “revitalization...and revisioning” of the “American Dream” for African Americans (Dobris,1) Prior to Angelou’s “Harlem Hopscotch”, African Americans were overwhelmed with “shame, guilt, and negativity” from diverse prejudice races and as a result began influencing the regretful black society “to reject parts of their identity” (Dobris,
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