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Lorraine Hansberry A Raisin in the Sun with Langston Hughes’ poem, “Harlem”
Hughes’ Harlem is a depiction of the lives of the black people in the society that needed to make changes to their lives. Evidently, the poem was written at a time when the African Americans had hope in the transformation of the society so that they would have a better life. Although they had gone through various struggles in their life, it is evident that they were still living in oppression. Additionally, Harlem’s author is among the renowned writers at this point as they were unequivocal in expressing the plight of blacks. As such using excerpt ion the narrative critically sets the premise of the communication.
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Accordingly, the author uses the deathbed as an imagery to show helplessness. In particular, the reader understands that grandfather was not instrumental in fighting against the oppressive regime and they were at times ashamed of their position in the society. Since the grandfather is helpless, he has to encourage the young ones in the African American society to continue fighting to affirm their rights and freedoms.
The author depicts the grandfather character as a meek person that did not confront issues in the society. With intense respect for decorum and maintenance of the status quo, it was strange to hear him announce such a stance yet his life has revolved around helping whites in the society. Since he was close to the white people, it is almost unfathomable that he would encourage his kindred to fight against the oppressors. In fact, this scenario is confusing to the narrator as he does not understand the context of the speech and what it meant. For instance, Ellison writes “His words caused so much anxiety (265)” to show the outcome of the scenario. thus, gathering more information in relation to the topic is ideal as it will demystify most of the aspects that are hardly …show more content…

During this time, he was not involved in fighting for the plight of the African Americans. In fact, the narrator has this behavior as he gives a speech that prioritizes humility. Although he is invited to narrate the same speech to the audience of white leaders, he feels that they are words that people should not believe. Evidently, this depicts the same premise as his grandfather. Thus, the narrator feels that there should be a different approach to solving the issues that affect the black society rather than focus on

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