Harm Reduction Programs

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The idea of a drug free society is a joke. There’s no way for us to completly irradicate drug use, whether it be legal or illigal. A harm reduction approach is much more succesful in the long run at reducing the number of addicts and drug related deaths (Nadelmann). Over the past 10 year some of the more progressive countries around the world have made great strides in reducing the amount of deaths and diseases caused by heroin specifcally (Borden). Many of these harm reduction programs are still in their infancy but “It’s a cautious first step, but an urgently needen one” (Borden). Heroin related death and disease can be greatly reduced through the implementation of general drug reform laws as they pertain to heroin, making sterile needles…show more content…
They are also required to go through regular drug testing, and are scrutinized more than someone on probation or parole, sometimes for 20 to 30 years depending on the addict(Chapman). This is because in order for methadone to continue to do it’s job it must be taken for as long as they have cravings which in many cases never go away (Borden). The fact that these facilitys are so scarce and the trouble an addict has to go through to get the proper treatment scares many away from even trying it. This all stems from the strict anti drug policies in many countries that only serve to hurt addicts in the long run. In order to even open one of these facilities in the US currently the clinic must be staffed by specially trained doctors that are kept under a magnifying glass through heavy regulations, and record-keeping procedured that deter most from even opening a clinic (Chapman). If the laws were changed so that these clinics are easier to open and operate, or if methadone was available by perscription it would make it infinintly easier to get into the hands of the addicts who need it. It has been shown in Switzerland that the number of heroin related arrests was down 95% after a year of methadone being more readily available to heroin addicts (Dalyremple).
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