Harold Bing Research Paper

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Activist of World War I Harold Bing, Catherine Marshall, Fenner Brockway, Helen Crawfurd and Eugene Debs all worked together to protest against World War I. They protested so that their world would not be full of violence. Activist, or people who try to make a social or political change, all had one goal in mind, to stop the war from happening and to keep the public safe. To do this many protested publicly and used peace to try to persuade other’s thoughts. All of these people were very influential during the time of the war. Harold Bing was sixteen years old when his journey began. Bing was an active pacifist, or someone who does not believe in the war and he joined the “No conscription fellowship” which was a group who worked together…show more content…
Debs. Debs was sixty-two years old when his influential words were being heard by the public. When he would think of the war his mind would fill with horror. Debs would often get beaten severely to the point of death but would always recover and continue to share his viewpoints on the war. Anyone who opposed the war would be put in prison and sometimes hung by their wrist but Debs would always find a way around the law. He was once put to trial and spent one night in jail but was later released because he was granted the freedom of speech. Debs continued to speak out until he died in 1926 (Wukovits,…show more content…
All of them were sent to jail or prison or punished to some degree. Some fought for the people being drafted into the war, some fought for the cost of the people paying for the war, and some fought to show the effects of the war. Whether it was a man or a women, all of these activist risked their lives to show their perspective on a cause. Harold Bing, Catherine Marshall, Fenner Brockway, Helen Crawfurd and Eugene Debs all did not want to “engulf our country in the greatest holocaust that the world has ever known” (Ruggiero,2003). Although the War did happen, because of these five brave men and women, the people of the United States were more prepared for what was to become of World War
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