Hildegard Of Bingen Research Paper

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Hildegard of Bingen Hildegard of Bingen was born on September 17, 1098 in Bemersheim, West Franconia (now Germany), into a noble family. By the age 8, her parents sent her to a 400-year-old Benedictine monastery, which had just recently added a section for women. A noblewoman and resident there, Jutta, became the mentor of young Hildengard. Jutta taught Hildegard how to read and write. As an adult, Hildegard became best known for writing books on spirituality, visions, medicine, health, nutrition, nature, as well as a medieval prophet and visionary. This woman recognition allowed her to correspond with many ordinary and powerful people. She is known for criticism of secular and religious leaders as well. When Hildengard was 18, she became
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