Harper & Reiman Inc.

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The company is Harper & Reiman LLC the organizations is a nonprofit consulting firm. The main headquartered of the company is Dallas, TX and grew all the way to Harper town at Amarillo, TX. In 2000 both of them were the founder of the business; both studied in entrepreneurship class and followed their dream to developing in the nonprofit business. After working together at JP Morgan they both decided to start their own consulting firm which is called Harper & Reiman, LLC. Knowing they need help in nonprofit their help from financial advisory service who managed their financial operations. The principal is the company made software for financial management that worked with liquidity analytics and nonprofits to abbreviate cash on strengthen liquidity and conversion cycles. Eventually the company grew into others services like sustainable business solutions, risk management, innovation services and infrastructure consulting. The company grew tremendously with sales in 2013 for $29 million. Harper & Reiman designed a payment system where the payment made more into donations in season’s time. There software was sold nationwide. The situation they have is before they begin their expansion they want to evaluate the firm’s financial health. Harper & Reiman need to examine on liquidity, profitability, the risk occurring from the debts financing and the rate of return; good sense of sources and use of cash flow these are all great financial situation to examine.

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