Harriet Tubm Conductor On The Underground Railroad

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Her intentions were pure and for the people that were in need. She only wanted for everyone to be treated with equal respect and rights. Though she went through her entire life without being able to read or write, she still managed to lead a self-fulfilling life. This woman is Harriet Tubman. In the book, Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad, Ann Petry goes through her major stages of her life. First, the book starts out sometime in 1821, on the Brodas Plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland where Harriet was born. Ben Ross and Harriet Greene (Old Rit), who were both well respected by the plantation owner and the other slaves, had just had another child. It was a girl. They named her Araminta, which would later be shortened to Minta or Minty. Through her early years she often heard the other slaves conversing about stories they have heard about unruly slaves and how they would escape or get caught. At night in the quarters the common exchange was about the topic of freedom. Araminta grew up like any normal slave child on the Brodas Plantation, but Old Rit knew that she was always destined for greatness. Later on in the book, Minta is six-years-old, and she already knows basic phrases to answer people. She was hired out to a man named James Cook. She worked inside dusting and cleaning. She hated it. Minta eventually ended up getting sick, and was sent back to the Brodas Plantation to be healed by her mother. When she got better she returned
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