Harriet Tubman And The Safety Of The North

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Rather than remaining free in the safety of the North, Tubman decided that her freedom had no meaning knowing that her family and her people were still enslaved. She made it her mission to rescue the rest of her family from slavery starting with her niece Kizzy, who was going to be sold to the South along with her two small children. Her husband, a free man named John Bowley, contacted Harriet, warning her of this troubling news and requested her help in rescuing his wife and children. Harriet organized for her return to Maryland and was able to help Bowley buy his wife’s freedom. They were then brought to their refuge and new home, Philadelphia. She then went back for her elderly parents and other family members on the Eastern Shore and brought them to Canada, which had abolished slavery for several years and was slowly becoming the home for several hundreds of fugitive slaves. This was the first of many trips made by Harriet Tubman, creating her reputation as the Moses of her people, leading them to the promised land. During the span of her 10 year career on the Underground Railroad, she made 19 trips to the South and, “never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger (192).” During this entire operation, Harriet Tubman’s identity remained a secret, being referred to by the alias “Moses”, and was never caught. Throughout these years, Tubman was also able to develop relationships with many other important abolitionist members of the Underground Railroad such…

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