Harrison Bergeron : Communism Vs. Harrison Bergeron

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Communism is a socialistic system that states all people are equal to their own ability accordingly. In Harrison Bergeron the people were equal accordingly to their own specific handicapping. In communistic societies there were no more social classes and all your rights were given up to the government and so you were told what to do. In Harrison Bergeron they were controlled by the government and so they could not have their own right to think or have an upper advantage than anybody else. Therefore Harrison Bergeron was a communistic society due to the fact people were equal accordingly to their own handicap, they could not escape the government considering they were handicapped, and then if you did not obey with the government then you would be in quite the pickle.
In Harrison Bergeron every person was equal like communism derived from Karl Marx “from each according to his ability, and to each according to his needs”. So in Harrison Bergeron story in general anyone who was too pretty or too smart were handicapped so those that were less fortunate they would be equal in the end. Sadly the ones with the bigger advantages were the ones that had to pay the price just like the wealthy in communistic societies back in the 1900s. Even though the people in both societies were equal it was all on a different level for them. Anyone in either society were handicapped if they had the slightest advantage. Harrison Bergeron for example, he was a very bright man with a very high iq. Due to that fact they modify headsets so he can not be the very intelligent person he is. In a communistic society they redistributed the wealthy’s money for other purposes. Therefore the wealthy in communistic societies were just on the same level as the middle class and lower class. They all did not technically get the same thing as one person did but as said before it varies accordingly to their needs. And so social classes were not a thing anymore, they just dissolved completely. Thus causing for everyone to be happy. With everyone happy they did not have no worries. They just cared about what they did not forget within a small amount of time in Harrison Bergeron. The government in Harrison Bergeron was very much like communism. They
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