Harry Potter And Intertextuality

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Intertextuality (Compare/Contrast) Essay Template Name: Keagan Irvine Hour: 6th
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Wonder, by Raquel J. Palacio. In Wonder there is a kid named Auggie, and he has had many surgerys and in the end of the book Auggie makes a lot of friends. Friendships make you change your thinking on people. In the book Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Harry doesn’t know a lot about what goes on in the outside world. His parents died when he was younger. Themes of Bullying in Harry Potter, and the theme of friendship in Wonder. Author's Craft, in Harry potter first person narrator, and in Wonder Multiple points of view. Symbols in Harry Potter, Harry’s scar, and in Wonder Auggie’s Helmet.
Show how the theme of bullying can affect someone’s life without you knowing it. In Harry Potter the theme of friendship, and how they can help you through hard times. Similar ideas. I think that even though Auggie, wants to have friends it seems like people cast him out. They will do this but they don’t see how this is affecting that person. It seems like even though those people don’t see what they are doing they are really hurting that person. It seems like this in Harry Potter as well because Harry is new to this wizard thing and so are other kids, but Harry was supposed to be really smart and everyone knows him. But Harry seems to be bullied and those people
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