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Harry Potter was conceived on the 31st of July in 1980 to folks Lily and James Potter. He was conceived a wizard and into a mysterious crew. He has dark hair, blue eyes and weakened vision, requiring glasses. His father’s closest companion, Sirius Black, was made Harry 's adoptive parent when he was a child. Amid the First Magician War, when he was a standout year old, Voldemort endeavoured to execute Harry however fizzled. To start with James attempted to square his way and was killed, and then Lily protected Harry giving him a definitive assurance; love. The condemnation bounced back,and Voldemort stopped to exist in physical structure, while Lily was slaughtered in the process, and Harry was left totally unharmed except for a helping moulded scar on his brow, making him 'The Boy Who Lived '. Harry was then gathered by Rubeus Hagrid, and they headed out to Surrey, where they met Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. They cleared out Harry on the doorstep of Lily 's mugger sister (Petunia 's) home with a letter clarifying what had happened. Reluctantly taking him in, Petunia and her spouse Vernon raised Harry close by their child Dudley. Harry grew up being marginal mishandled and compelled to rest in the organizer under the stairs. He taught at a very early age that hisguardians were murdered in an auto collision, he likewise remained unaware of being a wizard or the supernatural world. While on a trek to the zoo for Dudley 's eleventh birthday, he found he could

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