Harun Farocki's Workers Leaving The Lumiere Factory

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Harun Farocki is a German author and filmmaker. Farocki’s video art piece Workers Leaving the Factory is about the history of workers appearing in film across the decades. The video art piece was based off of the Lumiere Brothers’ Employees Leaving the Lumiere Factory. My first thought, walking into the exhibit, was that the piece was going to be boring. I thought this before actually watching the video because black and white films do not grab my attention as much as films that are colorful. As I continued to watch the film, I became more intrigued. I had to watch the video a few times to understand it more. The video becomes an understood depiction of the history of the employer to employee relationship.
Farocki’s piece was created in 1995. This work is a video art piece because it is not a performance that it is taped. This 36 minute long video featured a compilation of clips of workers leaving factories that appeared in film over decades. The video clips are from all over the world. Some of the clips were cut after 100 people left the factory. This film was created …show more content…

This work gave me mixed emotions. At some points I felt the anxiousness of the workers when they were leaving the factories because I have had that experience in some form. This work reminded me of students leaving school to go home. I did notice that the video was supposed to depict struggle. When I see videos in black and white, I do not expect the videos to be comical. The fact that the video displayed clips over time, added to the depiction of workers in factories react over time. I was mesmerized when watching the video because I was expecting change over time. The people viewing the art around me seemed as mesmerized as I was. Our eyes were glued to the screen.This artwork was in relation to the other works around it because they all displayed the struggle of labor workers as it relates to

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