Harvard Cheating Scandal Case Study

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Case 1-1 Harvard Cheating Scandal
1. In terms of trustworthiness the students failed to exhibit integrity by collaborating amongst themselves as was expressly forbidden by the instructions of the exams. Also, somebody in the institution showed a lack of loyalty to the school in leaking the investigation to the press.
Respect was likely violated when the university searched the e-mail accounts of the junior faculty members searching for the leak. They school clearly determined that the treatment of junior and senior faculty should be different based on rank rather than character.
Responsibility and fairness were exhibited in the punishments the students received as students were made responsible for their cheating and punishment was severity was determined by infraction severity.
The professor and teaching assistants were not held responsible for the cheating because they acted reasonably and with empathy in helping to clarify questions. There is no evidence cited that indicates that they helped the students actually answer the questions.
The students and the person responsible for leaking the investigation failed to exhibit citizenship because they failed to act in in an ethical manner which tarnished the reputation of the school.
2. The faculty of Harvard and Harvard itself treated the students with respect prior to the cheating scandal but the students acted unethically. Any secondary ethic violation occurred only in response to the first violation which was

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